Problem Solving &
team performance

14 April 2019

Coimbra Business School

A one-day conference dedicated to problem solving and team performance concepts as pragmatic solutions for everyday challenges.

The mission of Lime Conference is to join people who like to execute.

As more and more complex problems our teams are facing, it’s time to truly deep dive into a human centric approach to improve team performance and innovative results.


Nelson Vilhena

A few things not to forget if you're designing software systems...

Nuno Vargas

You build for people. Empathy and implementation for the future use

João Amaral

Human Centered Innovation (workshop)

Manuel Machado

Business Innovation: Failure and Success

Mário Moreira

Humor at work

Susana Branco

Employee Experience

Thomas de Bresser

Keeping up with change inside large organizations

Let's bounce ideas off each other

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